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Publish to Leanpub from WebStorm

I’m a really big fan of Leanpub, a self-pubishing site that not only gives authors a really sweet deal butalso provid...

Organizing my week with Checkvist

I’m a big fan of Checkvist, a TODO list application by my colleagues Sasha and Kirill.It strikes the right balance be...

A RunDeck Runner and a TeamCity Plugin Primer

Earlier this week I pushed a TeamCity plugin for RunDeck to GitHub. If you’re notfamiliar with RunDeck, it’s basicall...

Setting up Go in IntelliJ IDEA

I’ve recently started playing with Go for some TCP code I’m working on. Once Hello World was running, the next step w...

The Dot-Difference

On Twitter there’s a subtle difference between “@SomePerson I think you’re making a mistake with…”and ”. @SomePerso...