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Online Courses

I have a series of online courses available on different training platforms

Kotlin Course on O’Reilly

Over 8 hours of contents on Kotlin. From the very basics to advanced topics such as coroutines. The courses are available either for direct purchase or via Safari Online

HTTP/2 Course on Pluralsight

If you’re interested in HTTP/2 you might want to check out my course on Pluralsight. The course starts explaining why the need for HTTP/2 all the way to understanding what you, as a developer, will need to know

ExpressJS Course on Pluralsight

If you’re doing Node development and interested in the ExpressJS framework, then checkout this complete course I did about express.js. Although it’s several years old, most of the contents is still valid

More courses

I have more courses planned, so make sure you check this page regularly for contents. In addition I have a ton of videos freely available online covering a variety of topics from many conferences.