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Try it. It's free!

I received an email the other day in response to a blog post I’d written, asking me to try out a tool that helps me o...

Kotlin by Example

Over the weekend, I’ve thrown together a new site, Kotlin by Example, which is dedicated to teaching Kotlin using sho...

Linting your Kotlin Builds - IntelliJ IDEA Inspections

One of the questions that keep popping up around Kotlin is “How can I run a linter on my builds?”It’s actually quite ...

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit and Kotlin/Native

Last month I wrote about getting Kotlin/Native running on Raspberry Pi. My next goal was to try and control some hard...

Last week and Kotlin

Kotlin at Google I/OLast week was a very exciting week for Kotlin. To begin with, Google announced first-class suppor...