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I start to install Windows 2003 in a VM Machine from my MS DVD that has all the operating systems you would ever want on it, only to find I get an error reading a file. Doh! I've been fighting for a few hours trying to enlarge a VM machine I have, with no luck, so I decided to do a fresh install, this time allocating a lot of hard drive. To my surprise, my DVD is completely destroyed. We've had several refurbishments in our house and unfortunately my DVD's were all in the office where most of the work took (and is taking) place. Seems a few DVD's hit the floor, including the MSDN ones. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after pulling out my hair, thinking of everything that I could use to repair, I tried some "T-Cut Car Scratch Remover" I had. Wow! It did the job alright. Not one single error anymore. Definitely going to try it on some more DVD's I have.