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It's been a hectic 1'5 months. Apart from all the work I have, I've been flying around Europe speaking at conferences and at the same time organizing the October Conference. It was the first time I was running the show. It was a LOT of work, but I think it's paid off and I would (will) do it again. We had 12 speakers, 20 sessions, all distributed in two days. We tried to plan it so that people could always pick between an English and Spanish session concurrently. Considering 90% of the attendees were Spanish, it actually went pretty well since at all times all sessions had good attendance figures. I'd like to thank the sponsors, speakers and of course the delegates, without whom the conference would not have been a success.

For more information about the event, pictures and see what we have planned for next year, make sure you tune into the site and check my blog for more info too.