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I feel liberated. I've moved back to XP and I'm a happy camper. Although I virtually pulled an all-nighter, which turned out even longer since the clock went back due to daylight saving, it was worth it.

I tried Vista with the first betas and the then RC's. I eventually installed it on my Fujitsu that shipped natively with XPSP2. I hated it. Gave me a lot of problems. I then purchased a new laptop that shipped with Vista Home Premium. I upgraded  it to Ultimate (only thing I needed that home didn't come with was Remote Desktop). I still had a lot of problems, despite being a laptop "designed for Vista".

I've now moved back to XP and it runs SO MUCH FASTER, despite having the same setup, all the same startups, applications etc. And to be honest, I don't miss anything about Vista so far.  Aero I never used so I'm not going to miss it at all. The only thing I did like was the fast search for starting apps, but Launchy replaced that. UAC is a relief to be without! And for search, nothing beats Google Desktop.

So unless something drastic happens I hopefully will be staying on XP for a long time.

A OS that has a 6GB footprint just on install...something is seriously wrong with it.