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I've been using Google Chrome for over a week now. What I like about it...

- The tab completion for search engines. Awesome

- The preview feature with the most recent history

- The history search

- The "auto showing" status bar. This is very cool. It's a really simple idea, but very cool. Think about it,  why take up space for a status bar that only displays info when loading a page or displaying link information?

- It's FAST! I mean REALLY fast. It's instant to start up and surfing seems faster

- Its compatibility with the sites I visit most.

- Its support for saving HTTP authentication correctly. Something that Firefox nor Safari could handle properly. It can connect to Sharepoint and save credentials, which comes in very handy. With Safari I kept having to type them in despite indicating to save them.


What I don't like

- Doesn't work with some of the sites I visit most

- It's lack of proper support for certain technologies like Silverlight. Sorry, if you are releasing a browser this late in the game, make sure it supports something as important as Silverlight (I'm not getting into political motivations here...I'm evaluating the browser as a TOOL in my toolbox)

- Zooming by pressing CTRL and the Mouse wheel works opposite to all other browsers. Forwards makes the text larger. Is this me only? A bug? Or a feature?

- It's lack of support for importing bookmarks from Safari

- Not being able to sync my bookmarks with my iPhone. Sure, this isn't Google's fault, but I'm not playing the blame game.

- I miss Firebug. I missed it in Safari and miss it here


It's the first beta. If it improves in the next release, I'll use it. If it doesn't, I'll use something else.