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I was just reading through some of the comments on Anders'  blog in response to his post on positive feedback on Delphi 2009, and I came across this comment:

...Honestly Nick, I think in the day to day win32 programming world, I can’t think of any reasons for using anonymous methods or generics. ...

It's hard to understand the power of anonymous methods if you haven't used them for a bit and truly see the beauty of them and how they can make your apps so much more flexible and easier to write and maintain. But Generics? You find no use for generics? That's unreal.  Again, I think a lot of this is coming from the drag-n-drop culture and not truly using object orientated programming (I don't mean that as an insult to anyone, let alone the person that posted that comment)

In all honesty, I think with all the new features Delphi 2009 has in comparison to 2007, it is well worth it.