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This one is more of a personal reminder. I've just tried to connect to the office VPN and noticed my username/password is blank. I fill it in and try to connect. It won't even dial. Gives some weird error about not being able to save or delete an existing password. I decide after several attempts to delete the connection. WRONG! I can't create ANY type of new connection under Windows XP Network Connections.

It seems my RAS is corrupt and my phonebook is missing. Solution is to re-install it. I'm travelling right now and don't have the CD of XP with me (I know, my error). Luckily I've found another solution. IF you run RASPHONE, you can create a new VPN connection and dial it from there. And it works. It creates the icon for you in the Network connections also. Problem is, it's unusable. It won't disconnect or connect from there. You still get errors. But if you run RASPHONE again, you can pick the connection from the combo and hang up.

I'll figure out what messed up later, but for now it works.