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marc recently made a blog post regarding the world not revolving around Delphi, and in particular DelphiFeeds. My blog goes through a sophisticated Yahoo piping system to filter only Delphi related things, so that only posts that actually have words like Delphi, Borland, CodeGear, Embarcadero, etc.. come through the pipe (the reason for using Yahoo pipes was that I previously didn't have support for tags on my blog engine).

Reading marc's post, I recalled some comments the guys that run Delphifeeds made. They said they receive hate-mails if too many blogs posts are made that are off-topic.

Now here's the thing. First off, even if it wasn't exactly hate-mail, sending messages to someone that runs a feed site or posting comments on people's blog complaining that posts are off-topic shows plain arrogance. It's not your site, it's not your feeds and it's not your blog. Don't like it, well unsubscribe. Nobody owes you anything.

What's worse though is that many people don't seem to understand that Delphi is just a tool, it's an IDE and a language. Programming is a whole lot more than that. There are topics such as design, architecture, good practices, team work, and other frameworks (some could add value to your tool of choice, be it Delphi, Visual Studio, Ruby), etc. Just because there is no specific mention of Delphi in a post shouldn't automatically be considered off-topic or of no interest.

You subscribe to blogs that interest you because the content is interesting. You're not subscribing to an automated content-generation system. You're subscribing to a guy that's writing this content. Maybe that guy has something interesting to say that is not directly related to xxxxx (again, insert tool of choice here).

P.S.: This post should make it on Delphifeeds since I've mentioned the word Delphi a couple of times. If you are interested in other things, subscribe to my site directly. That way my posts aren't "censored".