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So I decided to top-up my Skype credit tonight. The red 0,66 € was just making my eyes sore. Since I had some credit in PayPal, I thought I'd use that. Going through the payment process I was presented with a screen asking if I'd automatically like to have Skype charge PayPal every time my balance falls below 2 €.


Obviously I unchecked that option and proceed to "Buy Now". I then got this next screen:


See the Always Pay with PayPal? Where did my options go? Just because I want to pay with PayPal this time I'm agreeing to always pay with PayPal? But what's even worse is the description "I authorize Skype to charge my PayPal account for recurring payments". No I don't. But where's my option? Where did you ask me this? It wasn't the 2 € option was it? Even if it was I ticked no.

And look at the next step. I can't go back. I have to click the X icon and hope nothing happens.

I started using Skype back when there were somewhere around 50.000 users. There's currently 16M users online right now. Back then, you couldn't even purchase credit from Spain; they thought we all had stolen credit cards. We'll get there eventually I guess...