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My mother wants to become a computer programmer (not to be taken literally). And guess what, she can. With all the RAD environments nowadays you really don't need to know much about the basics of programming to make applications. You can use anything you want. First step, pick an environment. You have lots to choose from (Visual Studio, Delphi, Ruby on Rails). In under 1 hour you'll have your first application working. Next step, sell it.

Now do this for about 10 years, making a profit and you can claim that you're successful in software development. You can claim you've worked for 10 years and have never had to worry about things such as polymorphism, delegation, etc.

So when someone comes along with a post talking about weird things such as SOLID or how rules are meant to be broken, you reaffirm your position as a successful developer that has never needed or understood these concepts. And since the person writing this has 1.5M visitors a month and 125K subscribers, it's OK!

(You think I'm crazy. Read some of the comments on this post).


But It's NOT OK

I don't lose sleep over what I term demoware cowboys. Everyone has a right to make a living, however way they want. I'm the first person in the room that stands up to defend not needing to graduate in CS to have a successful career in software development. However, I also defend studying, understanding and practicing software engineering, and to continuously improve yourself. Just because you sell software and put food on the table doesn't mean you've accomplished all there is to in your field.

What does bother me however is people talking about things without truly understanding them. It's important to act with responsibility, specially when having so many followers.

Some of us write software for a living, as opposed to just writing about it,  and it's not only about getting the job done.