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Start of the “conference season” again and I’ll be doing a tour of a few countries and places. Hope to meet up with some of you at some place and time. This time I’ll try and have all sessions ready so I can spend my time more productively at the bar/restaurant

- 21st to 25th September at BASTA! in Germany. Talks on ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, TDD, Design Principles.

- 27th to 30th September at Entwickler Konferenz in Germany. Talks on ASP.NET MVC, TDD.

- 12th to 13th October at DevReach in Bulgaria. Talks on ASP.NET MVC, Design Principles.

- 16th to 17th October at TTT/CodeCamp in Tarragona. Talks on MEF and Design Principles.

- 18th to 21st October at SDC in The Netherlands. Talks on ASP.NET MVC.

- 29th October at Micrsoft in Madrid. Workshop on Design Principles (Link available soon)

I’ve also pre-recorded 3 sessions for an online virtual conference on ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and Mocks, all in Delphi Prism and it’s happening right now on CodeRage