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Next week some of the JetBrains crew will be in Las Vegas, Nevada and from what I hear, apparently its going to be work-related (still, it’s Vegas. There’s always time to play).

We’re going to be at DevConnections, where we’ll be launching ReSharper 5, to coincide with the Visual Studio 2010 launch so if you are in the vicinity, come by our booth. There’s going to be a bunch of us there and you can come and meet some of the developers behind ReSharper.

Apart from seeing the latest and greatest ReSharper 5 features, you can find out about our latest product, dotCover, as well as all some of the other tools we have (dotTrace, TeamCity, YouTrack or even RubyMine). You might even win some prizes!

I’ll also be giving a vendor session on Test Driven Development of ASP.NET MVC Applications at 5:30 pm on April 13th, where you’ll see some MSpec and of course the new features for ASP.NET MVC we have in ReSharper.

After Vegas, I’ll be heading out to Warsaw for the Communities to Communities Conference, where I’ll have a talk on (yep, you guessed it) Architecting ASP.NET MVC Applications and then from there, on to a mini-tour of User Groups in Poland with The Undutchable and others. I was meant to go to Wroclaw, Krakowice and Krakow, but unfortunately I can only do Wroclaw. So the mini-tour has become a very mini tour for me. And what’s worse, I’ll miss some home-made Barszcz. Sorry Krzysztof :(.

Week after that I’ll be at the VBUG4Though conference in Birmingham.

And remember, if you’re in Vegas and you run into me after  9 pm, I might not sound too coherent.

Actually make that 9 am.