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I have a couple of talks up for voting for MIX 2011. If you’re interested in hearing my speak about any of these topics, would love the vote.


MVC – Breaking the Mold

Hadi Hariri

ASP.NET MVC is in its third incarnation and despite numerous improvements, when creating large scale applications, problems arise. If you don’t take the right steps, your code can soon turn into a big ball of mud. However, with a few conventions, a twist to routing and some voodoo magic, we can create a much better architecture that allows for sustainable code and increased productivity. In this session we’ll see how to refactor ASP.NET MVC as it comes into a cleaner architecture, allowing for a better approach to writing applications.

Working with Dynamic keyword effectively in Web Applications

Hadi Hariri

Whether we like to admit it or not, dynamic languages are very popular, especially when it comes to web development. They offer a series of benefits over statically typed language that can enhance productivity. With the introduction of the new dynamic keyword in C# 4.0, we’ll examine certain ways of using it to obtain some of the advantages dynamic languages provide us in a statically-typed world and how used appropriately, the benefits it offers outweigh any potential disadvantages.

ReST Architectures with ASP.NET MVC

Hadi Hariri

Creating ReST architectures with ASP.NET MVC is more than just decorating actions with verbs. It’s about leveraging HTTP as an application protocol to its full potential. In doing so, we can create robust and scalable applications, not only from a performance point of view but also in terms of change and maintainability. ASP.NET MVC offers us great potential to create ReST architectures that can be consumed by computers and humans alike, reducing the amount of effort involved. Come to this session to learn what ReST is really about and how we can create simple yet powerful systems with ASP.NET MVC.