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We sell Windows licenses. We sell SQL Server. We sell Office.

And now we’re going cloud. It’s all about Azure.

Think about it. What are we offering here with Azure? It’s not only hosting and scalability, we’re offering a series of value-added services.

What’s the cost of a Windows license to us? Nada…

Right now we don’t care what developers use. They can use .NET or PHP and still run it on Azure. We don’t care!

So, why do we care about the platform?

I mean, we could even run Linux machines. Still provide the value-added services….

Yes but a lot of things we can’t do, cause we don’t really control .NET on Linux. That’s kind of Novell and the Mono project

If only……

….the rumors, the silence from key figures in the community…will it all fall into place?…..only time will tell…