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I posted this on Twitter today.


If it’s not blatantly clear, that’s me trying to scroll through a Windows 8 Consumer Preview screen installed on a Virtual Machine, using my fingers.

Of course, it doesn’t work. Not because of the VM. It doesn’t work because my desktop isn’t a touch screen. However, it feels like it should work. But, it doesn’t. That leaves me with the alternative to use a mouse, and so far it’s not been a good experience.

When I posted this, people assumed I was joking. Sure, I realize it doesn’t work. But my point wasn’t a joke. Microsoft is trying to push this everywhere and I feel this kind of interface doesn’t make sense unless it’s on a touch screen.

That’s one difference between Apple and Microsoft. Apple realize one size (OS) doesn’t fit all. Microsoft thinks it will. Time will tell. However, as it stands now, it’s going to be difficult.