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It’s not right!

  • With Silverlight, we heard that Silverlight is for Web Applications vs HTML for Web Sites. There is no difference between the two unless we’re talking about static pages. Enough ALREADY!
  • With LightSwitch we hear that LightSwitch is for “small RAD applications” and “low on domain logic, more CRUD focused” *.  Problem is, every application starts small until it grows large and critical for a business, and that’s when you’re screwed.
  • With Web API, we hear that Web API is for API’s and MVC is for UI. I’ve already given my opinion about this on several occasions so I won’t repeat it again.

…and the list goes on, and not only of one company or entity.

If you are creating a product, giving guidance on how to use it is fine, as long as you make sure you have enough field experience to actually create the product to begin with, to solve the problem it is you’re trying to solve. However, what is not correct is driving people to use your product to justify its existence.

Stop creating flow diagrams with artificial conditionals to drive agendas. You might drive sales, but you’re potentially putting at risk customers that believe in you and put their time, money and business at risk. When you move on to the next best thing, you leave them behind.

* These are some of the comments made by people on stage at a recent Microsoft Event in Madrid called MS Platform Day.