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John: Have you looked at node.js?

Kate: No. I’m mostly still doing Java. Still maintaining the legacy system.

John: Kate. You really need to find a new job, away from that enterprise legacy stuff.

A few months later

James: Hey John, how’s life?

John: Not much. Having a blast doing some Express.js with node.js. Very cool stuff.

James: Oh. Still doing node huh?

John: Yeah, why?

James: I’ve joined a Clojure shop. Very cool. Functional FTW!

Six months later

Kate: John, guess what? I’ve finally convinced my team lead to try out node. It’s pretty awesome.

John: Meh.

Kate: What do you mean meh? Didn’t you tell me node is awesome? Aren’t you doing node?

John: No. I’m doing Clojure now. It’s so much better.

A Parallel Universe

John: So what have you been up to Kate?

Kate: Same place. Still working on Lantern

John: Oh, that’s the software that helps doctors save time by analyzing patient data more easily right? Cool.

A few months later

James: Hey John, how’s life?

John: Not much, still working at the same place.

James: Any new interesting things on the horizon?

John: Yeah. Might get to lead a new project that we’re putting in place as a way to lower traffic accidents.

James: Very cool. I’d love to participate in something that has a direct impact on people’s lives.

Six months later

Kate: John, guess what? We’ve got a new opening at the new place. Want to join?

John: Nah. I’m happy here. But I know someone who might…”

Kate: Who?

John: James. He’s looking for new and interesting challenges.