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7 years ago

Agile Coach: “The Agile Manifest talks about…”

Agile Coach: “…so remember, amongst other things, it’s about interactions, it’s about being able to respond to change, focusing on value….”

(A few days after the training)

James: “Really excited about this Agile stuff!”

Jane: “Yeah! I think it can drastically change the way we work”

3 weeks Later

Scrum Master: “Exciting news everyone: I have branded magnets for our new Agile board!”

8 months later

Agile Coach: “So how are things going?”

Scrum Master: “Not sure. I mean we’re doing the whole stand-ups. We’ve got our scrum meetings, retrospectives, etc., but…”

Agile Coach: “But what?”

Scrum Master: “Dunno. Code Quality is just not there and it just doesn’t seem that we’re iterating with customers enough”

Agile Coach: “Hmmm. Looking at this project, I don’t see much increase in terms of testing. Where’s the CI server?”

Scrum Master: “Well, we thought we could start with the other aspects of Agile, and then focus on adding all the code related stuff later once we’ve got these things in place.”

To be continued…