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Ever encountered a Dark Pattern?

Dark Pattern

What will you answer if you do not want to share your feedback? Yes? No? Yes each time or just the 3rd from last time right before you click No?

Do you use Spotify? That’s got a rather dark pattern also


Each session lasts until you’ve been inactive for 6 hours

A somewhat strange way to describe things, wouldn’t you say? Sure, it’s not as twisted as the example above, but the first few times you read it, it does make you wonder why they’d not only describe something in this way but have this option at all.

No privacy, whether you pay or not

Every time I look at this, it makes me wonder if they’ve worded this intentionally for people to not fully understand. Now, you can call me cynical, but then I ask you - Why, as a paying customer, I have to remember to check my settings every time to make sure that I’m not sharing the music I listen to?

I asked Spotify just this the other day on Twitter

and their response was to vote for a user request that’s been around for a few years.

Dearest Spotify, I understand we live in a society where we have the urge to share what we eat, when we sleep, where we vacation and everything else we do on a daily basis. But you provide a music streaming service, and as a paying customer, please, allow me to choose what I want to share. Don’t make me tell you this every so often.